IgY Immunologix

IgY Immunologix is a science-led research company to develop a broad range of innovative in vitro screening assays and mechanism of action studies. The company is developed by experienced innovative scientists who have globally trained PhD and PDF and deep knowledge of Immunology, Virology and Molecular Pharmacology. The company has more than 20 years of experience to develop biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries in India and abroad. The company has more than 40 man years’ research experience from institution and international research laboratories.


Zealous Therapeutics

Zealous Therapeutics (ZT) is founded in 2013 at Singapore which is a drug discovery and development organization led by global Pharma and biotech experienced scientists. ZT brings innovation for new drugs for patients with oncological and autoimmune disorders by developing an early stage discovery projects and developing preclinical candidate. Its global footprint, with headquarters in Singapore expert presence in the US, Sweden, Singapore and India, allows for optimum access to global for our portfolio drug discovery and development. ZT team has experienced how to successfully commercialize discoveries into drugs that will change the lives of many patients worldwide. ZT multi-faceted approach empowers and ensures maximum utilization of our resources to provide access to unique and effective treatments to patients with oncological and autoimmune disorders.