Stress Free Disinfection with Enhancer Technology

Salient Feature

  • No stress to animals and no residual toxic by-product
  • Potent “Virucide” effective remove WSSV from ponds
  • “Microbiocide” effective remove Vibrio from ponds
  • Excellent biofilm removing property
  • Remove nitrite and H2S from ponds
  • Environmental friendly disinfection
  • Working in full range of pH and higher salinity
  • Enhancer technology potentiate active principle
  • Induce in the coagulation process and improving the removal of turbidity
  • Can be applied continuously without stress


  1. Multiple approaches stop virus spread and kills bacteria directly
  2. Broad spectrum and full range of pH with no residual Disinfection By-Product
  3. Removal of Nitrite and H2S from ponds
  4. Precautions

    Avoid contact on concentrated solution with skin, eye and mouth. If contacted flush immediately with cold and clean water.