General Information

Our proprietary Growth Promoter 1 (GP1) which is a specific degraded protein involves in the regulation of feeding behavior, digestion and growth. GP1 increased feed intake, body weight and size, the number of rostral spines and gill branches, protein concentration and haemocyte number in treated shrimps.

Another Growth Promoter 2(GP2) which is a purified active principle from specific plant seed divulges in anabolic pathway and induces protein synthesis. It was observed shrimp grows not only length but also girth and sets animal for better body weight gain.

Additional Carotenoids result better immune health and active animals. Calcium hydroxyapatite has given unique shining and healthy shell of animals. Silver nanoparticle helps for better health with low risk of diseases.

As animals are induced for more food intake, additional vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, phospholipids, carbohydrates, amino acids and nucleotides are provided as building block for enhanced body weight. These ingredients results in exponential body weight gain.



  • Chelated macro minerals and micro minerals
  • Silver Nanoparticle & Calcium Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticle
  • Two proprietary growth promoters
  • Carotenoids and Oligosaccharides
  • Fatty Acids , Phospholipids, DHA, EPA, Essential oils
  • Fat soluble and Water soluble Vitamins
  • Essential Amino acids and nucleotides
  • Immunostimulants
  • Nano-emulsifiers & herbal binders


  • Speedy and healthy growth of shrimps
  • Multiple approaches for complete natural and nutritional growth
  • Natural and proprietary growth promoters for exponential weight gain
  • Improve activity and shiny appearance of shrimp
  • Reduce Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) significantly and provide better benefit to cost ratio (BCR)