Biomineralization and chelated minerals

General Information

When a cell encounters a chelated mineral as above, it finds it that it can more easily recognize the mineral inside the cage, because of the presence of these hexagonal water clusters in the cage. Indeed, the cell has a simple rule for deciding if a component floating by is alive or not. If the component has many hexagonal water clusters around it, it is perceived as being alive.



  • Provide complete macro and micro minerals
  • Organic trace mineral in the form of a unique chelated crystalline complex
  • Direct and faster adsorption after ingestion
  • High efficiency and low quantity required for use
  • Increase bioavailability hence better potency of minerals
  • Increase appetite and feed intake
  • Increase body weight gain over time
  • Remove cramps from shrimp
  • Increase zooplankton as food for shrimp
  • Faster growth and better survival rate

A cage that holds the nano-mineral in the center


Minerals – Mg, Na, Ca, Fe, Al, Mn, Si P, K, Cl, S
Elements – Zn, B, Co, Mo, Cu, Ga, Cr, Ti, I, Se, Sn


  1. Supply essential minerals and micronutrients to enrich pond water and soil
  2. Provide high bioavailability, buffering capacity, osmoregulation and balancing soil pH
  3. Provides buffering capacity by balancing soil pH
  4. Improve growth and feed intake, remove cramps and improve muscle quality
  5. Control water color stability and increase zooplanktons as natural food for shrimp