Lavleen Gupta

Lavleen received PhD in Immunology from Mathura Veterinary University, India. During his research career he worked on several basic immunology concept for diseases of veterinary and human diseases. His basic mastery in Immunology contributed more than 25 research publications in short period of time. Lavleen has been in Pharmaceutical new drug discovery research for more than two decades and his major contributions in research include developing new drug for cancer and immunology disorders. He has worked in Indian and US Pharmaceuticals for new drug discovery.

Yerrapureddy Adinarayana Reddy

Adinarayana received PhD from Humbolt University, Germany and done Post Doc from Johns Hopkin’s and worked for acute and oxidative stress induced lung injury. His interest for biomechanics took him in Univ of Pennsylvania for another Post Doc which drives him for setting up an instrument marketing company in Germany. His basic mastery in PCR based zoonotic disease diagnosis contributed for veterinary diagnostics in his first career with Veterinary Biological Research Institute.

Mona Gupta

Mona has been instrumental for conceptualization and execution of IgY Immunologix. Her research career during her master’s, she has worked in veterinary microbial disease pathology and mechanism of immune activation during infection. Her knowledge of cell immunity has been recognized in the past. Her decision and focus to develop company has given direction to the company.