Mechanism of action

  • Increase feed efficiency and overall growth performance of chicken
  • Anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant activities are enhanced.
  • Improves nutrient and energy utilization
  • Ameliorate the harmful effect of toxins on the body immune system, showing the humoral immune-stimulatory potential
  • Decrease non-specific mortality and increase livability
  • Heat stress and fatty liver are reduced.
  • Active principle to control Clostridium perfringens infections
  • Enhances nutrient absorption by increasing intestinal microvilli density
  • Lessens the abdominal fat content, subcutaneous fat thickness, inter-muscular fat width, and liver fatness

NANOCARE is a unique formulation to control bacterial and viral infections while rearing of chicken. Holistic approach to achieve growth promotor activities using Nanocare has proven better growth, better livability and weight gain.