Enhanced Silver Nanotechnology for Effective and Prolonged Disease Control

Salient Feature

  • No stress to animals and no residual toxic by-product
  • Potent “Virucide” effective remove WSSV from ponds
  • “Microbiocide” effective remove Vibrio from ponds
  • Excellent biofilm removing property
  • Remove nitrite and H2S from ponds
  • Environmental friendly disinfection
  • Working in full range of pH and higher salinity
  • Enhancer technology potentiate active principle
  • Induce in the coagulation process and improving the removal of turbidity
  • Can be applied continuously without stress


  1. For protection of bacterial and viral spread
  2. Effective to remove green colony (Vibrio on TCBS agar) from ponds
  3. Remove foul biofilm from animals with no side effects
  4. For prolonged and effective disinfection of ponds and reduce long term maintenance cost
  5. No stress to animals during treatment and no disturbance to beneficial bacteria
  6. Precautions

    Avoid contact on concentrated solution with skin, eye and mouth. If contacted flush immediately with cold and clean water.