General Information

Ponds are being found increasingly infected with Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP) which causes hepatopancreatic microsporidiosis. EHP infection which leads to AHPND is a predisposing factor for stunting growth of shrimp which are seen in the ponds on 30 th days of culture onward. Sometimes viral infections like IHHINV causes immunosuppression of animals which make prone to bacterial infections like vibriosis and other viral infections. A composite cleaning of shrimp gut with immunostimulation and gut health has been proven optimum growth pattern of shrimp.


PREEVEE is a preventive formulation for AHPND, stunting growth, white fecal diseases and other viral infections. Formulation has been designed in a way to prevent early stage viral and microsporidia infection which is a major cause for necrosis of hepatopancreas as well as hematopoetic system. In addition, it is also important to improve immune status during growth of animals. We have seen importance of increased microvilli density of shrimp gut for improvement of nutrient absorption.