A-1 Biocide

A1 Biocide – New generation of fish and shrimp security with potent and non-toxic disinfectant with no residual by product (RBP)

Effective and no-stress disinfection using A1 Biocide has given new avenue to treat pond and remove WSSV as well as other bacterial diseases as Vibriosis from shrimp ponds. Removal of virus remains a challenge when WSSV symptoms are seen in ponds. We have found to remove WSSV virus from ponds with regular usage of CLEANSPOT. It fights with multiple pathogens in one go including vibriosis.


  • No stress to animals and no residual toxic by-product
  • Potent “Virucide” effective remove WSSV from ponds
  • “Microbiocide” effective remove Vibrio from ponds
  • Excellent biofilm removing property
  • Remove nitrite and H2S from ponds
  • Environmental friendly disinfection
  • Working in full range of pH and higher salinity
  • Enhancer technology potentiate active principle
  • Induce in the coagulation process and improving the removal of turbidity
  • Can be applied continuously without stress