Outbreaks of white spot syndrome (WSS), causing serious mortality to shrimp farming have been occurring in the Asia. The principle clinical sign of WSSV is the presence of white spots in the exoskeleton and carapace of the diseased shrimp, a rapid reduction in food consumption, lethargy, reddening of appendages, mortality rates are usually very high and cumulative mortality can reach 100% within 3 to 10 days from the onset of visible gross signs.


WHISPO is a unique formulation to control viral infection spread in shrimp pond. The underlying principle of passive immunization is to employ antibodies taken from other animals to build long-term resistance to disease. IgY antibodies purified from hyperimmunized chicken egg have shown effective neutralizing antibodies. Another effective principle of silver nanoparticle has recently shown to control WSSV infections from shrimp. We recognized that there are many other factors that need due consideration in our attempts to develop improved treatments for control of WSSV spread. Molecular studies have identified a substantial number of WSSV envelope and cell surface proteins involved in the first stage of virus infection. Unique combination of herbal active principles has targeted for viral entry in shrimp cells have been proven to control spread of virus spread in shrimp ponds. Immune stimulation with unique phytochemicals and yeast extracts has protected shrimp from further infection and protect animals. Phytochemicals and other active constituents have been delivered using nano-emulsion technology. These designed synergistic formulation has been proven in various field trials in south part of India.