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Effective control of New Castle Disease virus, VvND and IB virus during outbreak

  • Control of New Castle Disease (vvND) , Infectious Bronchitis (IB)
  • Avian Flu / Bird Flu


Newcastle disease (NCD) is one of the most serious poultry diseases. Newcastle disease is an infection of domestic poultry and other bird species with virulent Newcastle disease virus (NDV). It is a worldwide problem that presents primarily as an acute respiratory disease, but depression, nervous manifestations, or diarrhea may be the predominant clinical form. Severity depends on the virulence of the infecting virus and host susceptibility.

It’s caused by a virus and is highly contagious, which means that it spreads rapidly among chickens. It has a high death rate and can affect any poultry operation. This is an acute viral disease of poultry characterized by involvement of respiratory system, drop in egg production and mortality and heavy loss to farmers.

Powerful Nanoparticles and herbal active compounds for control of viral infection in poultry. NANOVIR-P is designed to control RNA virus multiplication inhibition with Zinc Ionophore which eventually inhibit RNA dependent RNA Polymerase (RdRp) enzyme of virus. Virus spread are controlled and birds can be protected with inhibition of virus contamination nearby.

Mechanism of action

Unique options for virus control

  • Active herbal compounds, unique trace minerals and its delivery to cellular level helps to control virus multiplications and boost immune system for better recovery from virus infection.
  • Zinc is known for RNA Dependent RNA Polymerase (RdRP) which is required for viral genetic material multiplication. Zinc ionophores from herbals actives increases intracellular Zinc and does not allow virus to multiply.
  • EGCG and other herbal actives interfere entry of virus to the cells
  • Herbals and trace minerals to induce antiviral immunity

Clinical trials

  • Completed field trial with VVND/ ND
  • Reported 90% reduction in mortality in 48 hours
  • Seven to ten days treatment provided 0% mortality
  • Feed intake normal and regain growth
  • Completed field trial with IB
  • Reported reduction mortality in 7 to 10 days
  • Egg production increases from 11% to 68%
  • Completed field trial for Avian Influenza
  • Reduction of mortality in 8 days to less than 3%


Treatment program:

Water – 1:1000 dilution to everyday for 7-10 days

Prevention program:

Water: 1:2000 dilution to everyday water

Prevention and treatment

New castle disease (ND/RD)

Velogenic Viscerotropic (VVND)

Infectious Bronchitis (IB)

Avian Flu / Bird Flu

E coli and Salmonella sp. infection

CRD control

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