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Acute Hepatopancreas Necrosis Disease (AHPND) also known as Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) began causing significant, farmed shrimp mortalities and production losses. The strong association found between cases of septic hepatopancreatic necrosis (SHPN) and EHP suggests that EHP increases shrimp susceptibility to infection by Vibrio bacteria – known opportunistic pathogens that cause disease when shrimp health is compromised. EHP infection disrupts the cells of the hepatopancreas tubules and allows Vibrio spp.

Our innovative formulation comprising of silver nanoparticle, Copper Nanoparticle, Selenium Nanoparticle and Chromium Nanoparticles and unique herbal purified active compounds cocktails helped to control further multiplication of EHP and regain the growth of hepatopancreas as well as shrimp. This feed additive helps to control size variation of shrimp and excel growth back to normal.


The hepatopancreatic microsporidian Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP) is an emerging pathogen that affects cultured shrimp Penaeus vannamei. The microsporidium EHP, is probably the most important disease in shrimp farming at the moment. The main clinical signs of EHP are growth retardation, which leads to increased size variability. In advanced stages of the disease, EHP-infected shrimp typically display soft shells, and chronic mortalities. In some cases, the coinfection of EHP and Vibrio spp. has been associated with the development of white faeces syndrome (WFS). Histopathological lesions induced by EHP in the hepatopancreas display irregular/regular basophilic inclusion bodies within the cytoplasm, with or without the presence of spores.

Innovative approach to control using plant essential oils and nanotechnology to control EHP and related symptoms have provide new look of disease control. Associated symptoms of the disease can also be improved with different fatty acids, phospholipids, chelated minerals and antioxidants.

Components and mechanism of action

  • Silver nanoparticle & herbal active principles to prevent viral, protozoan and bacterial diseases
  • Photochemical microbial products based immunostimulants
  • Quorum sensing breakers
  • Feed-attractants and appetite stimulators
  • Intestinal microvilli growth promoters
  • Nanoceuticals based enhanced micro-minerals and vitamins absorption
  • Nano-emulsifiers & herbal binders


  • Preventive measure to control EHP infections
  • Remove chances of stunting growth which leads to variability of shrimp size
  • Destroy biofilm which causes major problems of shrimp gut
  • Reduce chance of  other associated viral infections
  • Increase appetite and optimize absorption of feed
  • Lower FCR by optimizing growth pattern


  • Preventive: 2.5 gram per kg alternate feed
  • Treatment: 5 gram per Kg for 1 week

Usage instruction

2.5 / 5.0 gram dissolved to 50 ml of water and apply to 1 Kg of feed. Dry for 30 minutes before dispensing to the pond.

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