ARGOSTAT – A complete remedy for Argulus infestation in fish

The lice can be found attached to the skin, gill chamber, and mouth. Localized inflammation occurs at the contact site because of mechanical damage from hooks and spines on the stylet and appendages, and irritation from digestive enzymes.

Owing to its cost-effectiveness, efficacy, and eco-friendly properties, phytotherapy has gained prominence as a promising approach to combat diseases in aqua-farms. Many medicinal plants extracts and essential oils have been evaluated for their anti-parasitic activity against economically important tick species with encouraging results.

The most stable and the least stable candidate reference genes were used for expression analysis of different ion channel genes of A.
siamensis such as GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), ICA1-4 (ion channel activator proteins 1–4), and NTR (neurotransmitters protein) in response to different herbal and anti-parasitic drug treatments. Besides establishing a reference gene in the A. siamensis system, the findings of this study add to our understanding of the possible mode of action of few anti-parasitic compounds.

The herbal active compounds are loaded on to Graphene for sustain release in water and provide long term benefits to control Argulus in fish pond.