Components and mechanism of action
• Chelated macro minerals and micro minerals
• Silver Nanoparticle & Calcium Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticle
• Two proprietary growth promoters
• Carotenoids and Oligosaccharides
• Fatty Acids / Essential oils
• Fat soluble and Water soluble Vitamins
• Essential Amino acids
• Emulsifiers & Binders
• Speedy and healthy growth of shrimps
• Multiple approaches for complete natural and nutritional growth
• Natural and proprietary growth promoters
• Improve activity and shiny appearance of shrimp
• Reduce Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) significantly and provide better benefit to cost ratio (BCR)
Feeding Schedule
• Dissolve 10 grams in 100ml of water before mixing with 1 Kg feed
• Feed once a day
Instruction to use
• Weigh & mix the specified quantity of water and spray over feed
• Do not use any binder
• Let it dry for 30 minutes before dispensing the feed to the pond

The commercial importance of shrimp farming, together with increasing concerns over the health of marine habitats, has made the penaeid shrimp an increasingly attractive options for farmers. Modern technologies based on biotechnology and nanotechnology lead to higher quality and greater productivity. Feeding and new practices in farming play an important role in aquaculture. To achieve better growth in Aquaculture, addition of various additives to a balanced feed formula is a common practice.

Innovative protein based and herbal actives based products have proven with GROPRO for exponential growth. In addition to these growth promotors, essential vitamins, chelated minerals, flavonoids, antioxidants, fatty acids, phospholipids, calcium nanoparticles helps to sustain growth.