Chelated Minerals – Mg, Na, Ca, Fe, Al, Mn, Si P, K, Cl, S
Chelated Elements – Zn, B, Co, Mo, Cu, Ga, Cr, Ti, I, Se, Sn
1. Supply essential minerals and micronutrients to enrich pond water and soil
2. Provide high bioavailability, buffering capacity, osmoregulation and balancing soil pH
3. Provides buffering capacity by balancing soil pH
4. Improve growth and feed intake, remove cramps and improve muscle quality
5. Control water color stability and increase zooplanktons as natural food for shrimp
• Pond with 1.5 meter water depth:
o 3 Liters per acre
• Feed – 1 ml for 1 Kg of feed
Instruction to use
Dissolve to appropriate amount of water and dispense to the pond.
Feed: Add 1 ml to 10 ml of water and add to feed.

Nutrition encompasses the chemical and physiological process which provides nutrients to an animal for normal function, increase in immunity, disease resistance, maintenance and growth. It involves ingestion, digestion, absorption and transport of nutrients and removal of waste. There are 20 recognized inorganic elements which perform essential functions in body. Some minerals are required in considerable quantities and termed Macro-elements while others which are required in lesser amounts are referred to as Micro-elements (Trace Minerals). The micro elements (Trace Minerals) are having greater role in shrimp nutrition along with other minerals for healthy shrimp/fish body and better production. The available soluble nutrition in water is not sufficient for fast body growth of animals with in limited culture period. The additional balanced diet is required to provide as feeding to overcome the nutrition deficiency. The minerals including trace minerals are playing major role in nutrition for various functions of body and growth for semi-intensive/ intensive culture. The enriched trace minerals dietary composition have a significant impact on immune functions, disease resistance, and stress free of shrimp. Most nutrient requirements of cultured animals have been determined in pond environments where disease and stress have been minimized.
A high-quality chelated mineral mixture for fish, prawn, shrimp and aquatic animals is a ideal supplement for aquaculture .This product can be used for pond, biofloc and any type of shrimp farming.