1. For protection of bacterial and viral spread
  2. Effective to remove green colony (Vibrio on TCBS agar) from ponds
  3. Remove foul biofilm from animals with no side effects
  4. For prolonged and effective disinfection of ponds and reduce long term maintenance cost
  5. No stress to animals during treatment and no disturbance to beneficial bacteria


  • 1 Liter /Acre or as prescribed by Shrimp / Aqua Health Advisor
  • Dissolve 1 Lit of Nanodrop in 10 Liters of clean water and dispense on ponds
  • Do not use any other oxidative disinfectants when apply Nanodrop in ponds

Silver nanoparticle is a potent disinfectant to pond water. AgNPs can be considered a promising nanoparticle for degradation of organic pollutants in aqueous solution as well as an adjuvant for treatment of microbial infections. potency of the Silver is very high due to smaller nanoparticle size. The effect can be seen for longer duration and there is no side effect to animals present.

Components and mechanism of action

Silver nanoparticle – 10000 PPM levels and stay active in the pond for 10 days. NO RESIDUAL SIDE EFFECT to animals present in the pond.