NANOSELENIUM, Enhanced Cell Mediated and Antibodies mediated Immunity to Enhance Disease Free Productivity & Growth

Nanotechnology, an emerging and promising technology, has been implicated to revolutionize the poultry industry. The main aspect of nanotechnology was to modify or alter the particle size into nanometers and thereby alter the physical as well as chemical features of the particular molecules. Selenium (Se), an essential trace element, can play an immense role in the maintenance of diverse physiological functions, body metabolism and cellular homeostasis, and the performance of poultry. Selenium nanoparticles (Se-NPs) are of growing importance due to its nutrients digestibility, medicinal therapy, targeted drug delivery system, and production of vaccines. Selenium is commonly used in the poultry industry as an additive in broiler feed to improve immunity and overall health. The selenium comes in different forms, inorganic and organic selenium, as sodium selenite and selenomethionine.
Utilizing nanoSelenium in broiler feed, with increased absorption and diffusion of material into organs and tissues, and increased antioxidant capacity. The significant role of nanoselenium on reproductive performance and immunocompetence in poultry as comparative advantages over conventional sources of Se in poultry diets.
NanoSelenium have been implicated to increase relative weights of immune-related organs (burse and thymus) to enhance immunity and thereby modulate egg production as well as the reproductive performance of birds.
NanoSelenium supplementation in the diet and the administration enhances vaccine efficacy and provide better protection against viral and bacterial diseases in chickens by enhancing cellular immunity, humoral immunity and reducing inflammation.

Mechanism of action
Unique options for viral bacterial infection control
• NANOSELENIUM is unique nanoparticle which is delivered to cellular level helps to control virus infections and boost immune system for better recovery from virus infection.
• By directly interacting with innate immune cells, such as macrophages, dendritic cells, and natural killer cells, selenium nanoparticles can regulate innate immunity to intervene disease developments.
Clinical trials
• Completed field trial to control general infection
• Reported disease free reduction and healthy farming
• Feed intake normal and regain growth
Prevention program:
Feed: 5 grams to 1 TON of feed

• Boost antiviral immunity
• Prevention of E coli and Salmonella sp. and mixed bacterial infection control
• Prevention from general viral, Mycoplasma and bacterial infection